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We are very proud of the work we have done for our clients & members, and invite you to browse through our pages including free services & support to view and read about more of the work we are capable of accomplishing. We are a medium sized consulting firm who was carrying the activities of management, business and accountancy services which composed of professionals, CPAs, MBAs and practice for several years. We are dedicated to working after the needs of small and medium-sized business and individual member. We offer a full range of auditing, accounting, cooperate secretary service, tax advisory, outsourcing, business and management advisory, tools and program of support management information system and individual career development program such as book keeping & accounting training, computerized accounting training, financial management training and give a service which is personal friendly, professional and value for money.

Our Mission

Since 1999, as a partner group named Capstone Group with CPA friends and Computer Professionals, we give the services of accounting, auditing and computer center for computer training and rental services of computer programming books which order from USA at early time of Capstone. At the early period of 5-6 years, our main standing income was getting from accounting services of audit firm; software development is under research & training section. All the researches were mainly focus on the practical problems and events of the clients site we ever met and mostly we served free accounting software for our clients for long time, it encourage capstone to be more reliable products and meet the user need especially for Myanmar business and local users. In year 2012, we are ready to establish official private company and named as Capstone Myanmar Co., Ltd. To be more concrete and well structure, however we are still be Capstone Group.


1. Capstone Front Office (Capstone Myanmar Co.,Ltd)
2. Capstone Accounting & Auditing( Audit Firm)
3. Capstone Software House (Capstone One Office System Platform)
4. Capstone Research & Training ( Education Platform )

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